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Independent Assessor appointed to enhance FOS quality assurance program

4 October 2017, 15:30 PM

As part of our commitment to increase accountability and transparency the FOS Board agreed last year that it would appoint an independent assessor to independently review complaints about service issues in FOS dispute handling.

“Our submission to the Ramsay Review set out the FOS Board’s plans to appoint an independent assessor designed to provide an extra independent review of service complaints” said Chief Ombudsman Shane Tregillis.

“We were pleased the Ramsay Review Panel included the appointment of an independent assessor as part of its final recommendations and it has been included in the Government’s draft legislation for a single EDR body to replace the existing schemes. 

“FOS is pleased to announce that John Warde, former partner at Allens Linklaters, has commenced at FOS in the role of independent assessor.

“The independent assessor will provide an additional independent review of complaints about FOS’s service that have not been able to be resolved through our internal service complaint review process,” added Shane.   

John has worked in senior legal roles for almost 30 years.

The terms of reference of the independent assessor can be found on the FOS website. The role is to review service complaints and not the substance or merits of a FOS decision. This is consistent with how the role of independent assessor operates at FOS UK.

Further details regarding the role and operations of the independent assessor can be found on the FOS website.